Hi, I’m Laura

Laura is stood smiling at the camera beside the sea on a grey cloudy day

Get to know me a little better

Documentary Wedding Photographer | Laura Wilson

Like most photographers I prefer my work to do the talking for me. Having said that, if you’re considering hiring me for one of the most important days of your life then you might want to know a bit about who I am…

Laura, a woman stood on top of a concrete mushroom shaped bunker in front of a lake
A woman, Laura Wilson smiling into the camera with a pink wedding dress in the background


I’m from the beautiful highlands on the west coast of Scotland, I love the solitude of the mountains and the dark moody weather. I love nothing more than walking out in the hills and watching the weather blow through the glens.

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You might be wondering why I am now living in the very flat east midlands, as much as I adore the mountains I really like hustle and bustle of the city. Coming from a rural village, having a choice of coffee shops and bars within 5 miles of my house is life.

A woman stood smiling into the camera wearing a rucksack and a camera with the mountains of Elgol behind her


My childhood dream was to be an adventurer. I am making that dream a reality, travelling all over the UK in my converted van. Catching flights and experiencing other countries, trying new foods and seeking out unusual places. I am in my happy place when I’m going somewhere new to explore.

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point and click

I have always been obsessed with documenting everyday life, this started with fairly basic cameras and slowly evolved as I got more into different aspects of photography. 15 years later this obsession has given me all sorts of amazing opportunities to make photos, shooting downhill mountain biking races, festivals, graduations, music gigs and underground cultures from graffiti artists to the UK free party scene.

Shooting weddings was never part of my plan, but when I shot my best friend’s wedding it changed everything. Seeing all the happy moments and being able to give those memories on to my friends, so they can relive their wedding and share them with their family for generations to come is priceless.

laura wilson, a woman wearing adidas hooded top smiles and looks away


A woman, laura wilson shoots a self portrait in a bathroom mirror on black and white film


So, am I the wedding photographer for you? If you’ve looked through my photos, liked me and my style of shooting and thought “Oh Yeah, this is exactly the kind of photography we want!”

I would love to hear from you!

This is me finishing off a roll of film in my soon to be redecorated bathroom – the coloured wallpaper is a vibe!